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Our Fitness Classes


Current Classes: (ABC Order)

Balance Circuit Class w/ Jenn:

$5.- or $45. for 10 classes

 Tuesdays and Thurs at 11:30 am

Everything includes Balance. 6-8 stations that include lower body exercises, upper body exercises, yoga poses and core work. 

Balance Circuit Class at Estes Park Senior Citizen Center on Mondays at 1pm

$30 for 10 pass or $3 day pass

Estes Park Senior Citizen Center, which is located at 1760 Olympia Ln, EP

Bust your Butt with Megan

Register for 2024 Summer Classes at


May 21st- June 27th

July 9 - Aug 15




Line it up!

Monday -Friday at 8:30am with Mark  (30mins)

Our Line It Up! class is a 30 minute class that helps eliminate and prevent pain caused by knees, hips, back and shoulders that are not positioned properly in the body. We use the Egoscue Method as well as other methods I have researched, developed and used myself to bring the body back into proper, functional alignment. During our class we go through a series of stretches, positions and movements to make a global change to how your body lines up and functions. Most people notice they are standing straighter and feel pleasantly different after their very first class. If you want to learn more or experience this amazing class for yourself, we have open enrollment going on right now. Please contact us or drop by and join us for a free class. See our website:

Parkinson's Class with Jenn:

 $5.- or $45. for 10 classes

On Wednesdays at 12pm, Jenn teaches a class for clients with Parkinson's disease. The class incorporates balance, strength, agility and cognitive function. 

Tai Ji with Redd

$5 a class, Ask about Punch Pass

Tuesdays at 10:00am, please sign-up before.

Description coming soon... 

Tri-Fit at the Estes Park Senior Citizen Center: 

10:30 am - 11:15 am Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Estes Park Senior Citizen Center, which is located at 1760 Olympia Ln, EP

Tri-Fit is our classic Silver Sneakers fitness class. It features Cardio, Strength, and Flexibility portions. The class involves body weight movements, dumbbells, resistance bands, grip work and both standing and seated training.

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