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Mark Negrin

My name is Mark Negrin, transformation coach and founder of Smart Movement Fitness. I've been a Therapeutic Exercise/Strength and Conditioning Specialist for 35 years and I train my clients at Estes ProActive in Estes Park, Colorado and online. My expertise is in empowering high-achievers to overcome their challenges with exercise, nutrition and psychology to perform their best in every area of life. Many of my clients come to me with back, neck, shoulder, hip or knee problems which inhibit their ability to train and enjoy the sports or activities they love to do. I educate my clients about what's necessary to fix their problems, create the right mindset and continue living a lifestyle that supports optimal performance in every aspect of their lives. I'm passionate about being a Fit Pro and Life Coach because I love seeing the transformation that occurs for my clients; not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually too. 

Now teaching Line it Up! on Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs and Fridays at 8:30am please contact to make appointment!
To learn more about Smart Movement Fitness and my background please visit my website or call/text 970-500-0383.

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Lurie Hockenberry

Lurie’s mom said she was the kinesthetic learner out of her siblings. Participating in after school sports and coming home at dark, her dinner was always waiting on the stove. In junior high and high school she joined a marching band and became a majorette, where she learned to love and appreciate the rhythm of music.

In the early years she started her job at a fitness center specializing in Nautilus,  Universal and MedX equipment. She also taught aerobics, aquatics, and worked for the Parks and Recreation center teaching strength and flexibility classes. Lurie was also a competitive body builder and trained other body builders for competition; including working with them on nutrition, diet, and choreographing their routines. She has also apprenticed with an equine specialist and has trained others in equestrian strength, something she also enjoys instructing. She has been working in the fitness industry for 40 years  as an personal trainer and instructor . She enjoys helping others, in her words, “No matter your age it’s always a good time to start fitness and nutrition.”

Lurie is also a Master Certified Reflexologist working with the face, hands, and feet, helping clients with relaxation and injury recovery. Acupressure, Essential oils, and compresses are her favored modalities for homeostasis in the body.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends; studying health, fitness, nutrition, herbs, and being outside with her horse, and of course working out.

Focus your workout with Lurie!

Teaches Ready, Set, AM classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:30am

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