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Lauren Davis, Ball State University (Summer 2020)

Doing my internship at MedX was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I worked with many different people, explored the mountains, and made lifelong friends. MedX gave me many practical experiences that I have since used in OT school. I am forever grateful for MedX and Estes Park!

Samuel Melot, University of Central Oklahoma (Summer 2020)

I am so thankful for my time at MedX! It was an experience of a lifetime and I met three friends that helped me grow as an individual and professional in the exercise fitness field. Anyone looking to improve their skills in the exercise realm would benefit from an internship at MedX. The environment, the gym members, and the great individuals we had the privilege to work with at MedX made a lasting impact on my life and I am forever grateful. 


Lindsey Schmidt, University of Central Missouri (Summer 2020)

My time at MedX was an experience I will never forget. Being away from home gave me a sense of independence and adventure I have never experienced before and introduced me to people I would not have met otherwise. At MedX, I was able to learn more about the fitness side of healthcare which is something I had not been as exposed to prior to starting my internship. I was even able to receive a letter of recommendation from a physical therapist which helped me get into a Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program! I thank MedX and Rocky Mountain National Park for giving me a place to learn and explore outside my comfort zone with my new friends. 

Abby Kiesel, Ball State University (Spring 2021)

I have nothing but positive things to say about this internship! The location is wonderful, but the people are even better. This experience has helped me grow not only in knowledge, but professionally as well. I am excited to carry all of the practical knowledge with me to physical therapy school! Even with Covid restrications, I still feel like I learned a lot of valuable skills and got a very positive experience. If searching for an internship again, I would 100% choose MedX, without a doubt.

Alex Eisenmenger, Ball State University (Spring 2021)

This internship has been an amazing experience for me! The community at MedX was very welcoming to us when we started. The town offers many different things to do so you will never be bored. I have learned many of things here that I will use during my future profession. I cannot thank MedX enough for this experience! 

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